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All aLIVE Coverage team members are dedicated event photographers with decades of combined professional experience. We specialize in music photography and thoroughly understand the inner workings and nuances of festival logistics, production, and security. Our mission is to take 100% of the stress out of producing, editing, and gathering images for your use in social media, press, and marketing.

Calder Wilson

Co-Founder of aLIVE Coverage.

A true specialist of concert and festival photography, he achieves high technical precision in every delivered image. 

Based out of Central FL, USA

Taylor Wallace "Wally"

Co-Founder of aLIVE Coverage  

Highly skilled in capturing concert/festival lighting and special effects. 

Wally is comfortable covering events of all sizes, from multi stage festivals and stadium capacity concerts all the way down the more passionate underground acts and small venue shows.

Based out of Atlanta, GA, USA

PJ Morreale

Co-Founder of aLIVE Coverage. A man of many talents, he is a master of 360-degree images and mind-bending panoramic edits.

Based out of New York City, NY, USA

Doug Van Sant

With more than a decade of experience in event photography, Doug Van Sant has established himself as one of the most respected photographers in the industry. 

Based out of Washington D.C. USA

Lauren Coakley

Lauren's atmospheric portraits capture the beauty of an event and its attendees unlike anyone else we’ve ever seen. The spirit and emotion of her photographs are captivating and delightful. 

Based out of Chattanooga, TN, USA

Marc Van Der Aa

Marc was born in Holland and currently resides in Mexico City. Having photographed for some of the biggest events and artists in the world Marc is a titan in the industry. Whether he’s shooting Tomorrowland in Belgium, a Dakar Rally Race in Peru, or on a world-wide tour with Hardwell, expect Marc to capture the moments that last a lifetime.

Based out of Mexico City, Mexico

Alex G Perez

AGP brings his eye-catching style to the energetic event scene. Whether it's capturing the high points on the main stage or sniping a portrait from across the venue, Alex covers it all.

Based out of Central FL, USA

Chris Pearce

Originally from England, Pearcey brings more than a decade of experience working for some of the most prestigious brands and venues in the business.

Based out of New York City, USA

Danilo Lewis

Danilo's diverse portfolio and upbeat personality make him a perfect fit for the aLIVE team. He brings years of touring experience along with festival expertise to the table.

Based out of Washington D.C. USA

Skyler Greene

Skyler is a true explorer at heart. Having traveled the world over, Skyler brings variety and a fresh take to every shoot. His landscape and portrait work will transport its viewer to another dimension.

Based out of Los Angeles, CA, USA

Christopher Lazzaro

Chris has a long history of working with artists across the globe, landing him at the world’s largest events year after year. One of aLIVE’s most traveled photographers, he is always on the road.

Based out of New York City, USA

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